Darren Brown, Nova Scotia Canada

Chickenbone John, UK

This is why we feel good about how we "upcycle".

 ** Classroom of kids in NM with their cigar box guitar creations.   "Thank you" to the amazing Cipriano Vigil for his continuing efforts teaching kids to 


- Cigar box guitars crafted by my talented customers around the world.

​​​CREATE  and share the fun!

Aston's Music, UK

Mark W. Australia

​​​Great deals on CIGAR BOXES!

Blues Guitars France

Blues Guitars France

Our mission is to help crafters and collectors purchase cigar boxes at a very reasonable cost.  We opened cigarboxdeals.com  Jan. of 2011 because we realized there was such a huge need for empty cigar boxes.   Our boxes are beautiful, and are in excellent condition. They will make your projects spectacular!

"We have sold literally tens of thousands of empty cigar boxes all around the world with great satisfaction and many repeat customers."