Are you one of those who think outside the box?

​​​Great deals on CIGAR BOXES!


Making guitars, amps, purses, crafts?

Creating a special groomsmen gift?

Looking for unique product packaging?

Collecting beautiful cigar boxes?

​Need a unique gift idea - *see Gift Boxes

We've got a box for you!!


Our cigar business is BOOMING, we have empty boxes stacked to the ceiling!

We get our boxes directly from the manufacturer.  They are carefully opened, the cigars are removed for repackaging, and then sold to high-end golf courses around the USA. 
Our boxes have never been in a retail store, or used as a display. Therefore, they are not dinged up or damaged.  Another plus, they have always been in a smoke-free environment.

Once emptied, our boxes are now ready to be turned into useful creations and works of art.  

We have always felt the boxes were too beautiful to be discarded, and couldn't bear the thought of filling landfills with them.
We literally have thousands of empty cigar boxes.  

If you need just a few, we can do that.

We also have huge quantities of some styles of boxes. 
So, if you are into mass production, we may be able to help out.

See STORE for pictures, dimensions, and prices

* We ship internationally, please contact us for a SHIPPING ESTIMATE.

* There is always a shipping cost.